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Eternal Vigilance

Eternal Vigilance logo

Eternal Vigilance (ETERNAL) was accepted for PACT membership on 29 April 2013. EV is an active, organized, democratic and long-standing organization with the aim of being a versatile force for the "greater good" of those within the UEE. They have a quality, diverse membership made up of many different pilots and professions, enabling them to have the versatility to adapt to a wide variety of tasks and situations that come before them. No matter the challenge, Eternal Vigilance will rise up and overcome it, at whatever the cost.

This squadron will actively seek out their adversaries, those who threaten the well-being and security of the people who have done nothing to earn their ire or wrath. No matter where their enemies go, they shall find them. EV will combat them on their own terms, hitting them in force and then fade back into the blackness of space to strike again when least expected. They will be Eternally Vigilant and will use their information and resources to further PACT and its goals.

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RSI Recruitment Thread
TeamSpeak 3 Server Information

Tal currently serves as PACT Summit Council Representative on behalf of Eternal Vigilance. He is the Commander of Eternal Vigilance's Star Citizen Portal. He created and manages the "Looking for a Guild" (Organization) Thread within the official RSI Forums, which is an invaluable tool for new members to the Star Citizen community. Tal also created and managed the now-defunct Organization Directory, a fan-made precursor to the official RSI Organization system.

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