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Systems United Navy

Systems United Navy logo

The Systems United Navy (SUN) is a Founding Member of PACT. SUN is a private security corporation operating throughout the United Earth Empire and its periphery. They will be focusing on contractual fulfillment of a variety of military needs including armed escort, high-value shipping, search-and-destroy, capture of assets, system blockading and blockade running. SUN also has dedicated divisions that will oversee logistics, trading and exploration in support of their fleet operations.

SUN is united by a strong fundamental philosophy. They will be operating strictly within UEE law and seek to be a symbol of order in an otherwise-chaotic universe. To that end, it was felt that Founding Membership in PACT was a natural extension of SUN's goals and they will be working tirelessly to support this Treaty Organization to the best of their ability.

RSI Organization Page
RSI Recruitment Thread
Mumble Server (requires a SUN Forum account)

Ephraim Tannhauser currently serves as PACT Summit Council Representative on behalf of SUN. Within his organization, he holds the rank of Vice Admiral and oversees all SUN operations as global second-in-command. Tannhauser also serves as the current PACT Administrator, having been duly elected to the position on 2 November 2013. Firefox14x currently serves as Deputy Representative.

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