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Blackwatch (BLKWATCH) was accepted for PACT membership on 21 January 2018. Blackwatch is a UEE aligned PVP counter-piracy, but also conducts PVE operations against Vanduul and other threats. They believe the most fun and rewarding combat gameplay in Star Citizen will be from operating as an organized fleet with around 60-75 players. Their operations are based around one to three capital ships that will always be supported by a compliment of fighters, bombers, pathfinders, and marines. Members are free to engage in mining, exploration, bounty hunting, or any other activity except for piracy on the non-fleet nights. Blackwatch is an organization free of egos and ranks (except during an operation where temporary rank may apply.) They are a team of positive players who interact in a professional manner. Gaming is for fun and enjoyment, and Blackwatch believes that family/work/etc comes first before gaming. Their goal is to have an engaged membership, therefore they ask every member to have an active role within the organization, be it writing lore, producing art, reporting the mechanics of ship modules or the newest fighter tactics.

RSI Organization Page
Spectrum Recruitment Page

SGTMAJ currently serves as PACT Summit Council Representative on behalf of TBSI. Marley serves as Deputy Representative. Both are founding members of Blackwatch.

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