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The Black Star Initiative

TBSI logo

The Black Star Initiative (TBSI) was accepted for PACT membership on 19 October 2017. TBSI is an elite security services provider. With expertise forged in the world’s most challenging environments, their network of skilled professionals can provide customized solutions for their clients to help them navigate trough the most difficult situations in the universe.

The always changing security climate demands innovative solutions that can be applied in both high-threat and low-profile operating environments. TBSI is a trusted partner for everyone that is in need by providing solutions that foster a smarter, safer security approach based on knowledge and training. They offer comprehensive advice on every aspect of security from corporate operations, commercial risk and foreign investment to counter-terrorism, close protection and support to governments.

Since its beginnings, the Black Star Initiative has always been committed to setting and adhering to the highest possible professional and ethical standards. TBSI works as a team to promote a culture of integrity, excellence, and dignity in everything they do.

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Nathan Grimm currently serves as PACT Summit Council Representative on behalf of TBSI. Nathan Grimm is the founder of TBSI and oversees operations and long-term planning. Aldo Apache serves as Deputy Representative. Within the BSI organisation, Aldo Apache is Head-Diplomat and manages the internal Diplomat & Client Relations Department.

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