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Dead Men Walking

DmW logo

Dead Men Walking (DMW) were accepted for PACT membership on 28 November 2015. DMW is the Star Citizen organization of the EU-based ‘Dead Men Walking Gaming Community’. They specialize in “Teamwork. Fair Play. Fun.” They provide a home for pilots who recognize that achieving success as part of a team is far more rewarding than racking up individual scores. Quite simply, pirates, frag-hunters, lone wolves, griefers, cheats and the plain selfish will never fit in there.

DMW members come from across the EU, with the largest contingent from the UK. They cover a wide range of both abilities and age! They are an inclusive organization, so they don’t care how good people are at dog-fighting, navigating or FPS, but they have to be able to do it with maturity, respect and within a strong social environment at all times.

DMW will be carving out a strong collaborative reputation in the universe, with PACT signatories and other organizations quickly learning that DMW members are trustworthy, reliable and great fun to have alongside, whatever the operation. They’ll be selecting a region of space for their home base to suit this objective and to maximize transit and gateway opportunities for their own organization and their allies. Needless to say, they’ll be ensuring that pirates are dutifully and swiftly cleansed from their space lanes.

They may not be the biggest, but DMW will always punch above their weight in whatever ventures they are committed. They hold an above average number of ships per member, so will be able to field a great fleet whatever the task.

Their main board has 4 Directors who take overall responsibility for their Communications & HR, Security & Logistics, Science & Industry, and Diplomacy divisions. Whilst the Directors undertake the strategic planning, each division has a divisional Head who then report to a specific Director. The Head of each division then handles operational logistics and planning towards their agreed goals.

Their members have diverse interests in the universe, so they’ll be planning, contributing to and participating in, operations across all major areas.

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Tealeaf currently serves as PACT Summit Council Representative on behalf of DMW. Within his organization, Tealeaf serves as Director of Diplomacy and is a DMW board member. Outside the organisation, he is also a member of the Dead Men Walking Gaming Community Council.

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