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The 19th Corporation

The 19th Corporation logo

The 19th Corporation (THE19TH) was accepted for PACT membership on 13 January 2014. The mission of the 19th Corporation is to explore the emptiness of space with the aim of scientific achievement and discovery. Secondary objectives include prosperous business opportunities via trade, military or diplomatic ventures which will benefit The 19th Corporation and the galaxy. A strong emphasis is placed on insuring the continuation and survival of the human race.

Long-terms goals include setting up a permanent headquarters in a star system within UEE Space that can act as a trade hub between various people and organizations. This will allow the 19th Corporation to maintain a vigilant eye on the space way to secure the region against pirates and other enemies who would threaten peace within the galaxy. The 19th Corporation seeks to be a Universe Leader in providing first-class private security and maintaining a positive reputation with regards to trade.

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Steve "ToRN" Deschain currently serves as PACT Summit Council Representative on behalf of the 19th Corporation. Within his organization he also serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). SlatoSniper currently serves as Deputy Representative.

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