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Association of Capitalists, Explorers and Soliders

ACES logo

The Association of Capitalists, Explorers and Soldiers (ACES) was accepted for PACT membership on 11 June 2013. ACES is a democratic organization that values the contributions and individuality of each of its members. It is composed of an equal union of peers. Through its member's combined strength by mutual association, members of ACES are able to attain their individual goals by playing Star Citizen how they want, when they want.

ACES is divided up into 3 Divisions: Capitalists, Explorers, and Soldiers. Each of these Divisions are represented by 2 Councilmen whom are elected every 3 months. In addition, there is 1 Executive Councilman in charge of inter-guild, and inter-division relations. The 7 member Council is responsible for overseeing the general affairs of the group, as well as setting policies for their constituents.

Beneath the Council lie a myriad of semi-autonomous squadrons. These squadrons can be created by any member, and perform any tasks and missions its members see fit. Squadrons are required to fly missions for the betterment of ACES 1-3 nights a week. When not performing these Official Missions, squadron members can play however they want, including continuing to fly with their squadron, or flying with a completely different squadron.

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Saoldian currently serves as PACT Summit Council Representative on behalf of ACES. Within his organization he also serves as Executive Councilor, overseeing inter-organization relationships and recruiting. ImMrAwsome currently serves as Deputy Representative.

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