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New Signatory - Blackwatch (BLKWATCH)

Blackwatch logo

Blackwatch (BLKWATCH) has been accepted for PACT Signatory status as of 21 January 2018 by a majority vote of the PACT Summit Council. SGTMAJ has been specified as Representative of his organization, and Marley has been specified as Deputy Representative

Blackwatch is a UEE aligned PvP counter-piracy militia, but also to conducts PVE operations against Vanduul and other threats. Their goal is to do one job extremely well, and that job is PvP Fleet Operations. They believe strongly in military structure (MilSim) during operations, but not in the forums, organizational ranks, or in their everyday interactions.

Blackwatch first expressed an interest in PACT membership in November of 2017. Blackwatch met with the PACT Summit Council during its Forty-First Summit for an interview and general question-and-answer session.

Blackwatch is the eighteenth Signatory since the foundation of PACT.

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