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New Signatory - The Black Star Initiative (TBSI)

TBSI logo

The Black Star Initiative (TBSI) has been accepted for PACT Signatory status as of 19 October 2017 by a majority vote of the PACT Summit Council. Nathan Grimm has been specified as Representative of his organization, and PieInAction has been specified as Deputy Representative

Since its beginnings, TBSI has always been committed to setting and adhering to the highest possible professional and ethical standards. The aim of TBSI is to provide taining and support to military and law enforcement Organizations, as well as offering private sector firms the ability to defend their assets against any kind of threat. Undergoing several months of extensive training, new employees never stop learning. Each mission is new experience gained.

The Black Star Initiative first expressed an interest in PACT membership in February of 2017. TBSI met with the PACT Summit Council during its Thirty-Eighth Summit for an interview and general question-and-answer session.

The Black Star Initiative is the seventeenth Signatory since the foundation of PACT.

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