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PACT Initiative Agreement Amendmends - Participation and Attendance


As development of Star Citizen reaches a point that our Signatory organizations can begin to explore and interact in-game, PACT is increasing our requirements for participation and attendance at our PACT Council Summits. This is to facilitate increased communication between our organizations and faster response times to issues and events that require our attention.

To that end, as of 16 January 2016, three sections of the PACT Agreement have been amended:

Article III – Signatory Membership Requirements and Obligations

  1. Signatories must prove they have the capability and desire to contribute to the overall function of PACT and PACT missions. PACT Signatories must also adhere to attendance requirements, which stand as minimum attendance at one meeting every three months.

Article IV – Structure and Procedures

  1. Signatories must appoint a single member to be their Council Representative and a single member to be their Deputy Representative, to act in the stead of the Council Representative in the event of the Representative’s absence. The Representative and Deputy Representative may be changed at any time by a Signatory, after informing the PACT Council of such changes.

  2. (Inserted after the current Section 7.)

  1. In the event that a Signatory does not meet the minimum attendance at one meeting in a three-month period, then the Signatory will be contacted by the PACT Administrator and placed on-notice for non-attendance.

    1. If the Signatory does not attend the PACT Council Summit following being placed on-notice, then they will be moved into an inactive pool, removed from the Signatory list, and have access to the PACT Forum suspended for their Representatives until such time they are able to reestablish meeting attendance.
    2. If a Signatory hasn't responded within three months after having been placed on inactive status, then the PACT Administrator shall inform the Council and Representatives can put forward any objections to removal. If there is no objection, then there will be removal. If there are objections, then resolution will move to a vote for expulsion per Section 9.

This proposal was discussed during the Twenty-Sixth, Twenty-Seventh and Twenty-Eighth PACT Council Summits and approved unanimously.

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