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New Signatory - Dead Men Walking (DMW)

DmW logo

Dead Men Walking (DMW) has been accepted for PACT Signatory status as of 28 November 2015 by a majority vote of the PACT Summit Council. Tealeaf has been specified as Representative of his organization, and Smilodon has been specified as Deputy Representative

DMW is the Star Citizen organization of the EU-based ‘Dead Men Walking Gaming Community’. Their members come from across the EU, with the largest contingent from the UK. DMW will be carving out a strong collaborative reputation in the universe, with PACT signatories and other organizations quickly learning that DMW members are trustworthy, reliable and great fun to have alongside, whatever the operation. Our members have diverse interests in the universe, so they’ll be planning, contributing to and participating in, operations across all major areas.

Dead Men Walking first expressed an interest in PACT membership in April of 2015. DMW met with the PACT Summit Council during its Twenty-Seventh Summit for an interview and general question-and-answer session.

Dead Men Walking is the sixteenth Signatory since the foundation of PACT.

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