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Tiberium Corporation Expelled from PACT

Tiberium Corporation logo

The PACT Summit Council voted to expel Tiberium Corporation (TIBERIUM) on 11 October 2015. This is in resolution to a breach of confidentiality, in which PACT records were knowingly and inappropriately transmitted to an external organization.

PACT is a voluntary initiative that allows its member organizations great freedom and autonomy in conducting their own affairs. This freedom comes with the understanding that certain base expectations must be met and maintained. Confidentiality is one of the most basic and most important, as it forms the basis of the trusting relationship between Representatives (and thus between Signatories) that is fundamental to our successful operation.

Another consequence of being a voluntary organization is that the PACT Summit Council does not have the authority to level punishments or sanctions on individual Signatories. It is understood that each Signatory will police their own members in order to maintain good standing and healthy relationships. If Signatories cannot abide by our common expectations, they can no longer be members of our initiative.

We’re deeply saddened by this unfortunate chain of events, and wish Tiberium all the best in the future.

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