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Welcome Letter

This site signals the transition of PACT assets away from the custodianship of a single Signatory and towards shared ownership across all member organizations. It replaces the original website and forum previously hosted by Blue Horizon, and I am thankful for their hard work in laying the foundations for what PACT has become. While this site is currently ministered by the Systems United Navy, all systems have been designed to allow smooth transition should future occasion require.

It certainly is no easy task to form and build an alliance such as this, so far from the release of Star Citizen. Many question the necessity, and even the sanity, of such an endeavor. I'll be the first to admit that this work is not for everyone. Those organizations that seek the title PACT Signatory, however, all understand the strength of unity and the encouragement of camaraderie that comes as consequence of such an accord. This is how we choose to approach Star Citizen, even in its pre-release state.

I would like to personally thank my fellow Representatives for their support and encouragement during this time of transition. A common phrase is that PACT is its Signatories, nothing more and nothing less. PACT would also be nothing without its Representatives. Congratulations, gentlemen. This is your accomplishment.

To our Signatories and their members, welcome to your new home away from home. Meet new friends, or reconnect with old ones who have moved on to other opportunities. PACT is not only for the Council - it is for all of you.

To anyone visiting from the community at large, whether to research potential membership or to satisfy personal curiosity, you are welcome as well. This website is as much for you as it is for us. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

The future is upon us, and I look forward to experiencing it together.

Ephraim Tannhauser
PACT Summit Council Representative (SUN)
PACT Administrator

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